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We offer drum circles, drumming workshops, training programs, seminars and keynote addresses focusing on the extraordinary power of drumming to create health and wellness, build community, release negative emotions, and provide joy and creative expression to adults, young adults and children.

Some of the programs we offer include:

Drumming for Teambuilding which focuses on how the drum can be used as a community and teambuilding activity.

Drumming Away Stress® which uses a combination of simple hand drumming exercises with guided imagery to create a fun, yet effective release of stress.

The Healing Power of the Drum” which uses the hand drum to release anger and negative emotions constructively, as well as explore the latest research on the use of the hand drum for health and wellness.

If you would like to view a clip of the video of our very popular program for children, “The Drumming Celebration ” which uses hand drums and rhythm instruments to teach children valuable lessons in leadership, empowerment and team building, please click here

Also “Drumming for Emotions” which has been offered to prisons, detention centers and high schools as a way of teaching at-risk adolescents constructive ways to releasing their negative emotions and building their self-esteem in the process.

You will also find articles about the latest research and information on drumming. Products are listed such as my book The Healing Power of the Drum which was the first book to explore the health benefits of drumming and Scat Cards™. Scat cards are laminated cards which have nonsensical rhythmic phrases on them. They are being used by teachers around the world to help children decode language, as well as drumming facilitators as a game activity to teach the ease rhythm to non-drummers.

In all workshops that are offered, no drumming experience is necessary and all drums are provided.




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