The Drumming Celebration

The Drumming Celebration is a unique program designed to generate excitement and celebration using percussion instruments. Led by a percussionist and drummer Robert Lawrence Friedman, your function will be transformed into an acoustic happening as your guests will have many opportunities to experience joy, laughter and play through the magic of the drum.

Why the Drumming Celebration Works
For thousands of years, numerous cultures have used hand drums for celebrations, rites of passage and gatherings. Using the same qualities that were used by these ancient cultures, The Drumming Celebration will gently and effortlessly guide your guests into the magical world of rhythm. It is this rhythm, along with humor, dance, and creative games that will ensure total group exhilaration and ignite your function.

Components of the Celebration

Rhythm Games
In addition to drumming, guests are invited to vocalize nonsensical rhythm words (scat) in an atmosphere of humor and playfulness. These exercises help guests to experience the magic of rhythm through their voices. These exercises often ease the concerns that some individuals may have about expressing themselves rhythmically.

Personal Musical Expression
Using a variety of percussion instruments such as congas, log drums, ashikas, dumbeks , frame drums, djembes and other rhythm instruments, participants are led through numerous musical exercises, including the experience of the drum circle, rhythm and dance, and numerous creative games. Each participant is encouraged to freely and creatively express him or herself.

Rhythm Skits

During certain rhythm breaks, your guests will be entertained with skits designed to inspire the rhythm and playfulness of the audience.

Your Creation
Based on the make-up of your guests and the focus of your function, The Drumming Celebration will be tailored to meet your needs. Whether for parties or corporate events, The Drumming Celebration will combine the powerful traditions of the past with the innovations of the contemporary to create a memorable event.

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